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Real Estate

As a real estate sponsor group we buy income-producing assets and develop raw land with a primary focus on healthcare, housing and commercial sectors.                                                                     Our leadership team has over 30 years of experience in deploying capital in real assets by targeting appreciation and cash flow for the accredited investors. We also take pride in working side by side with operating/management entities to deliver support service programs, mitigate operational risks, assess market shifts and future appreciation.

Risk Appetite

We strive to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns for the partners across cycles and over the long term. Our flexible approach allows us to target assets across the risk spectrum from opportunistic to core+.

Focused Approach

Sponsor Group
We buy favorable assets under a fiscally responsible, flexible and rational asset management plan
After buying we:
  1. Develop or Unlock Value Add 
  2. Hold for Cashflow & Appreciation

Connect with our Acquisition Team

How We Operate 

Transparent and Collaborative.

Equitable application of  resources,  and expertise to propel  growth.

Thoughtful, flexible and creative hands-on approach.

Fiscally responsible approach which creates economic value for partners and the communities in which we operate in.

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